Why choose us

Clearly an important factor in determining your choice of cosmetic dentists is experience. Dr. Erdenebat  has bonded over  thousand  porcelain restorations with impressive results since establishing his practice in 2001. He starts  using the last number 1 porcelain materials e.max and empress  to making  Highly esthetic all-ceramic bridges, crowns and veneers.  They are as strong as your own natural teeth and can be a permanent solution to most cosmetic dental problems/ gaps, chips, excessively small or large teeth, discolored or "antibiotic" stained teeth, or even straighten misaligned or crooked teeth /  will successfully treat in as little as 2 visits/about 5-7 work day/.

Dr.Erdenabat  is member of  the AACD /American Academy Of Cosmetic Dental/